Steps to get ready for a safe BBQ Season on Artificial Grass

Everyone uses this time of year as the time of year to grill out and invite friends and family over. And with your yard recently renovated with artificial grass, you definitely want to show off your new aesthetic. But before you start up the grill and get your party on, you should go over this list to make sure that you have not only a fun BBQ but also a safe one for your family and artificial turf for pets is safe too. Not only for you and your friends, but for your new grass too.

Just because your grass can’t get close to extreme heat doesn’t mean that you have to exchange your grill for other cooking methods. Just make sure that your grill is sitting on a level or anything that will keep it off of the ground. You can use your grill off of the grass or get a standing grill where the flames will be nowhere near the grass and you should be fine.

Make sure that you have drinks for everyone if kids are going to be there. You can still serve the regular drinks for adults but make sure that the kids feel special too and have party drinks specifically for them. It can be anything from adding a cute umbrella to their juice or making slushies for everyone.

Bring out some games. Just because it’s a BBQ doesn’t mean that the grass should go unnoticed. You have great turf to play on and you can play almost anything. Get out a football or some bean bags. The only thing I would advise against playing are horseshoes as you don’t want to puncture the grass. But if it’s inflatable you can play that too.

Set up some decorations. Your yard looks great as it is, but if you are trying to make a nice party out of things then you should set up some lights or banners. It will set the mood a thousand times better.

Make sure everyone has a place to sit. Set up tables around the yard so that no one is scattered and left standing alone as everyone else sits to enjoy their meal.

These are the main steps to have the best BBQ of the season. Now go out and start planning that party that you have been looking forward to all year!